Strong convictions for an authentic organic product. As organic specialists at Biotope, we are motivated to offer healthy choices that respect taste, nature and people. We are all independent in supporting the richness and diversity of our culture, but we are all united around common values, which we are committed to honor and share, day after day. Uphold our convictions and be proactive in promoting organic farming and the preservation of the environment. Encourage responsible consumption by respecting seasonality, favoring local products and avoiding waste. Preserve the authenticity of our relationships with our producers, distributors, partners, employees and customers. Select our products according to strict criteria of quality and traceability. Counsel with competence and sincerity. Offer a selection of products that meet the specific needs of our customers. Ensure the transparency of information on products, from their origin to their composition and packaging. Practice fair prices with respect for quality and a united ethic. Valuing the taste and pleasure of consuming healthy products. Offer a permanent selection of everyday essentials at an affordable price. The purpose of your health food and natural products store is to inform the population on all issues related to health, to raise our ecological, biological and natural awareness of our neighbor because we aspire to a clean planet. And finally to empower each individual, so that he becomes master of his life, master of his health.